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Relaxing and Remedial

  • 30 min
  • From £55
  • Neal's Yard|Borough's Therapy Rooms

Service Description

Cupping is an ancient method of alleviating congestion and stagnation of blood flow on the skin. A partial vacuum is created in the cups when placed on the skin where local blood stasis is formed and localised healing takes place. The vacuum created by the cups stretch the underlying muscle and fascia away from the bone to help lengthen and release tight tissue. This can assist relieving joint pain, improving range of motion, faster muscle recovery and improve physical wellbeing. Cupping treatment can leave circular skin marks on the skin worked. Contrary to popular belief, the marks are not bruises and do not hurt. A bruise will indicate some for of trauma and tender to touch. The circles left on the skin indicate the process drawn pathological factors to the skin surface. These will rapidly fade away in few days. Can be used a stand alone treatment or used during a massage to increase blood flow to the surface and gently stretch fascia layers, providing extra relaxation and a beneficial for muscle adhesion and knots. 30 mins £50 60 mins £75 90 mins £100

Contact Details

  • Neal's Yard Remedies Therapy Rooms, Neal's Yard, London, UK

  • Neal's Yard Remedies Therapy Rooms, Therapy Rooms, Stoney Street, London, UK

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