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About Me

Throughout my life I've used different therapies for a wide range of conditions and in most cases I had full resolution without any complications or nasty side effects.

This prompted me to investigate and get more knowledge of this fascinating aspect of treating an illness holistically and a few years later, here I am, putting in practice all my personal experience acquired through training at the highest level and intuitively thinking outside the box to help the body find balance and restore health.

I enrolled on a Massage and Reflexology diploma with I.T.E.C learning practical knowledge and also anatomy, physiology and pathology so useful to get to know how the human body works and move. I then further my studies with a diploma in Bowen Technique with Bowtech. From the first day Bowen Technique blew me away with the ease and effectiveness of the technique in promoting healing and resolving even long standing health issue.

After this I went to complete a diploma in Emotional Freedom Technique, both with classic EFT, Energy EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. During the studying and practising I mastered a better understanding on how the way we think combined with limiting beliefs hinder our health, happiness and the achievement of personal goals. By working on this blockages the mind created, we free ourselves the become a better and more empowered individual.

I am on a journey of constantly expanding my knowledge with further training with both the Bowen Technique, Reflexology, EFT and Massage, attending seminars and courses aimed to add more tools and expertise to treat better, faster resolution and helping  people to live a better life with less stress and less pain.

The knowledge I achieve through my studies and practice allowed me to develop a high intuitive, focused techniques and tools aimed at working with most physical, mental and emotional complaints often leading to a fast recovery and long term resolution in most cases.


I am a fully insured and also a member of F.H.T. (Federation of Holistic Therapies), that provide standards, professional excellence and a code of practice.

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