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Gentle and Healing

  • 1 h
  • 80 British pounds
  • Lower Marsh| Neal's Yard Covent Garden

Service Description

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, deeply relaxing, non invasive physical therapy that frees the body to attain its natural balance and healing. Effective as a structural treatment for specific pain, Bowen therapy addresses the body as a whole. Its embraces often extend beyond the presenting symptoms to the healing of underlying physical, chemical, emotional and mental causes of chronic illnesses. The Bowen technique is perhaps one of the single, most important tools we have to help heal the body. The moves produce good results by penetrating to a deep cellular level, making use of the body's own ability to heal itself. HOW DOES BOWEN WORK? A Bowen Technique addresses fascia tissue as well as muscles and skeleton. Fascia is the sheet of connective tissue that covers every structure of the body, allowing flexibility and movement between each and every part. It is fascia that is responsible for our posture, so in Bowen we pay it a lot of attention. By changing the way muscle and fascia work together, we can change how the structure work, allowing for a better, relaxed and more physiological shape. This approach often results in a much longer lasting effect on the body than some manipulative therapies. DURING A BOWEN TREATMENT In a Bowen session the patient lies on a bed or a massage table and allowed to relax, even fall asleep at times. The therapist applies a carefully designed series of gentle movements along the spine and at specific points throughout the body. These movements consist of subtle rolling of skin over muscle, tendons and connective tissue. The therapist leaves some time between each pattern so as to allow the patient maximum space for deep relaxation and integration for the information received with each set of moves. It is this deeply relaxed state, facilitated by the moves, that seems to act upon the body's autonomic, or self governing nervous system to enable it to achieve homeostasis, or balance, at cellular level allowing the healing process to initiate. A session usually lasts approximately one hour, inclusive of a thorough consultation, and frequently results in a deep sense of relaxation. allowing the body to recharge and balance itself. Each session is spaced one week to two weeks apart as to leave enough time for the body to respond and apply changes and usually no more than 2-5 sessions are required for the treatment of most conditions. 60 mins £80

Contact Details

  • Waterloo Body Station, Lower Marsh, London, UK

  • Neal's Yard Remedies Therapy Rooms, Neal's Yard, London, UK

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